Airport Design Editor (ADE) is a graphical design tool to create and enhance airports for Microsoft Flight Simulators 9 and X. It takes it's inspiration from the excellent AFCAD2 developed for FS9 by Lee Swordy. ADE does for FS9 and FSX what AFCAD does for FS9. It adds support for new FSX features such as fences, jetways and terrain.

Users can also remove, move, or edit existing buildings and objects as well as adding new ones

In addition to airport elements ADE also has a visual Approach Editor to add and enhance the approaches to your airports

ADE is being developed with the help of a small group of dedicated airport designers with a wealth of knowledge and experience.
ADE sets out to achieve two things in designing and enhancing airports. First to make the enhanced airport look good, and second to make it work properly. Airport design must address both aspects - the visible and the invisible. The design philosophy goes further in assisting users of all levels to get things right from the start. Error checking and 'common sense' are built in. At the same time it is important to allow users flexibility.
Airport Designer for Microsoft Flight Simulators FS9, FSX and Lockheed Prepar3D
Dec 13, 2013
We are pleased to announce the release of ADE 1.60.  This is a major update with support for P3Dv2 and new functions to add ground lines and polys with.custom textures to your airport projects.  The new version is available from our downloads page
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